How Xanax Should Be Used If A Person Wants To Minimize Their Risk And Maximize Their Benefit

Taking any type of prescription medication is going to be risky and you know this. If you really need to take a medication like Xanax you might be prepared for the risks, but what you want to do is minimize these. At the same time you want to be sure you are getting the best benefit from the medication. Following are a few ways you can keep your risks down and be sure you are getting the help you need from the drug.

A person should only take Xanax as told by a medical professional and speak to them about any wanted changes

Your doctor is going to know about your medical history more than anyone. As a result if and when they give you Xanax they will give you a plan that is going to work for you. You do not want to do anything that is going to compromise this. This means no decreasing or increasing the dosage. It also means not taking the medication for longer than needed.

Make sure you keep track of how much you use from each new bottle you get of Xanax

Sometimes other people are going to be tempted to get some of your medication because they cannot get their doctor to prescribe it to them. You do not want someone to find your bottle and take from it. So be sure to keep track of how much Xanax you have. Someone who gets their hands on your fill will likely abuse the drug.

Do not panic if something happens where you miss a dose or you will cause yourself problems

Missing a dose of Xanax does not have to cause problems for you. You do not want to take double the amount of the medication believing this is what will get you back to good. Simply skip the missed dose and be sure you take it when your next scheduled time comes up. This is the best way to keep you safe from harm.

Know what to do if you feel you might have overdosed on the medication

If you feel you have overdosed on the medication you will need to know what needs to be done quickly. You should get medical attention as soon as you can or you should call the poison hotline. If you take too much of the medication it can be fatal. Some of the symptoms of overdose include drowsiness, muscle weakness, and feeling light-headed.

Be sure to speak with your doctor about other medications you might be on before using

Are you taking other medications at the moment? If you are then you need to make sure you tell your doctor. They are going to ask you anyway, but you might be tempted to not be truthful believing this will help you get the prescription. Do not do this. If you are taking medications such as allergy medication, narcotic pain medicine, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers or depression medication, be sure to let your doctor know.