Ativan and side-effects

There is no doubt that Ativan is an effective medicine to deal with the several mental disorders and disease. But there is one more side of the using the Ativan that need to be taken care of. You should know the fact that Ativan is not perfect for everyone. It must be taken after the consultation with the doctor only.

There are many people who are allergic to the Ativan and this can be very harmful to them to continue the medicine. Thus it is very important to know about the side effect symptoms of the Ativan in which conditions the patient should discontinue the medicine.

Common side effects

We are going to talk about the potential side effects of the Ativan that must be taken into account.

1-    Confusion is the most common symptom which might be occurring due to the side effect of the Ativan. The patient will not be able to take the firm decision and will stay confused most of the time.

2-    Depression is the next symptom which shows the Ativan is not working and there are deep side effects of it. The patient may feel sad and lonely most of the time and will start suffering from the deep depression.

3-    Now here is the next thing which is an alarming sign that Ativan should be stopped. The patient will feel the drowsiness most of the time after taking the Ativan. It is required to consult with the doctor and ask him to change the medicine or therapy.

4-    Nausea is the next thing for which you need to discontinue the medicine. It is a side effect. It also occurs when the patient is suffering from the deep depression.

5-    Losing control of the sensor is the next thing that you will start feeling when the Ativan is not working for you. Thus you should immediately report about this to your doctor.

6-    Feeling of the euphoria is the other symptom which tells you to discontinue the Ativan treatment.

7-    There are some other symptoms which might be showing in the patient who is suffering from the side effects of the Ativan like Vertigo, Tremors, Impaired coordination, and slurred speech etc.

There are other side effects which must also be taken into the account like developing the tolerance for the medicine and getting addicted to it. Usually, it is seen these things occur when the patient is taking the medicine for a long period of time. Thus Ativan should be given to the patient for a very short period of time only.